Emanuel Peruvian restaurant

Big things are happening with Peruvian cuisine in London – Soho’s Ceviche now has its own cookbook, and Fitzrovia’s very fine Lima restaurant was recently awarded a Michelin star. But fear not – North Kennington, AKA London’s Latin American Quarter, has its own Peruvian restaurant, Emanuel on Amelia Street (in fact it has more than one, but that is for another day). We’ve never been to Peru but based on dining experiences elsewhere in Latin America, we suspect Emanuel is a lot closer to what you’ll find in Peru than Lima is. It’s not much to look at inside or out, but go there for the food and the atmosphere. We went on a Sunday lunchtime when the kitchen is open until 3pm, and it was packed with Latin Americans, including one birthday party.

While you’re waiting for your food – and it could be a while if they’re busy – they will bring you toasted chulpe corn, AKA cancha salada, Peru’s all-time favourite snack, which is like crunchier popcorn:

Cancha salada - toasted chulpe corn - Emanuel Peruvian restaurant - kenningtonrunoff.com

Ceviche (pretty different to what you’ll get in the Soho Ceviche):

ceviche - Emanuel Peruvian restaurant - kenningtonrunoff.com

Paella (pescatarians will do fine at Emanuel; vegetarians less well):

paella - Emanuel Peruvian restaurant - kenningtonrunoff.com

And to drink, how about an Inca Kola, a Peruvian national icon containing lemon verbena, or Cristal, a Peruvian lager (not to to be confused with the Chilean or Cuban beers of the same name):

Inca Kola and Cristal beer - Emanuel Peruvian restaurant - kenningtonrunoff.com

Actually, before you order the Kola, check the nutritional advice:

Inca Kola nutrition advice - Emanuel Peruvian restaurant - kenningtonrunoff.com