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Sticky Paws Coffee Van

Update (Nov 11th 2014): the Sticky Paws Coffee Van is no more – it has been stolen!

Kennington is the home of Costa Coffee but despite or perhaps because of that, it was hard to get a great coffee here until recently. Then Sally White arrived, then the Coffee Mob van outside St Anselm’s Church, and now there’s another exciting development – Sticky Paws Coffee Van outside Kennington tube station.

Sticky Paws Coffee van

A very colourful sign will point you in the right direction from the tube:

Sticky Paws Coffee sign - kenningtonrunoff.com

Mr Sticky Paws will be there every weekday from 7am to midday, engine trouble not withstanding. He claims to only use local products from independent suppliers which is not strictly true but sounds like a step in the right direction.

And, in a commuter-friendly touch, he offered to add a little cold water to our herbal tea so we could drink it during our tube journey. Not bad for £1!

Sticky Paws Coffee cup on the Northern Line - kenningtonrunoff.com