Requiem for the Subways

Requiem for the Subways

Sadly, the campaign to save the subways under the north roundabout in North Kennington is all over bar the singing. The 104 year old subways will be filled with concrete from April 9th.

Tomorrow, Good Friday, is your chance to say goodbye. Meet in the centre of the roundabout at 7pm. From sunset, there will be a free choral performance of a specially written composition by Danyal Dhondy, with one section being performed in each of the seven subways.

One thought on “Requiem for the Subways

  1. Jonathan l

    I’d really no idea the subways were so old…I though such pedestrian devices were inventions of sixties planners. I’ll certainly try to get along if I can, though I can’t pretend that I’ll miss them.


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