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North Lambeth L&R Club

We’d always assumed this place, in between houses on Kennington Road, was derelict. Then a BT Sport banner appeared outside:

The North Lambeth L&R Club, Affiliated to CIU, established 1888

Soon followed by an advert for an event:

event at the Lambeth L&R Club - kenningtonrunoff.com

Now we have so many questions.

What’s it like inside?

When does it open? It never looks open.

Can anyone go, or do you have to be a member?

What does L&R stand for?

Is it on brand for Kennington Runoff? (Do they serve Kernel beer?) We fear not, but as you may have guessed, we’re running out of places to write about that are.

Florence Welch went to South London Pacific, got drunk, and covered Daft Punk and The Gossip with the house band

South London Pacific (geddit?) is a tiki bar in Kennington. Florence Welch is a Kennington resident and front woman of Florence & The Machine. She jumped on stage while house band Sourberry were warming up, and performed Daft Punk’s Get Lucky and Standing In The Way Of Control by The Gossip. Highlights include her downing a tequila shot then discarding the glass, and stage diving off at the end.

This is the stuff that Kennington Runoff dreams are made of, and we’re not making it up.

n.b. should you read the Daily Mail?