Earl of Bedlam, king and queen of Kennington

London 2015’s answer to Tommy Nutter, fashion house the Earl of Bedlam reside down a little mews off Walnut Tree Walk, having previously occupied a shop in South Kennington:

Earl of Bedlam flier - kenningtonrunoff.com

Tailors to some of Kennington’s slickest suited and booted (including Mark Hill of Antiques Roadshow and Counter Brasserie fame), they also dress musical luminaries from across the spectrum – Nile Rodgers, Simon Le Bon, Goldie, Bez and Roger Daltrey have all been spotted in Earl of Bedlam garms. Nile is such a fan that he had the Earl head down to the studio to give Bedlam t-shirts  to the band and Mark Ronson when he was making the most recent Duran Duran album.

Earl of Bedlam staff, clients, models, friends & family by Jill Furmanovsky for Jocks & Nerds in Bedlam Mews with horses from Vauxhall City Farm, (Mark in the hat front right, Lady C next to him)

Earl of Bedlam staff, clients, models, friends & family photographed by Jill Furmanovsky for Jocks & Nerds in Bedlam Mews, with horses from Vauxhall City Farm (Mark in the hat front right, Lady C next to him)

We are still waiting for our Kennington Runoff-inspired three-piece suit crafted from baby llama wool shorn off the latest arrivals at Vauxhall City Farm, but we are indebted to Lady C and Mark at the Earl of Bedlam nevertheless for their endless supply of local tips and information. More ferociously networked than any other Kenningtonites we can name, they are true pillars of the community. Running  social media for the Duchy Arms when they relaunched, creating limited edition Bastille Day t-shirts for the Boule-In, designing the uniform for Counter staff, hosting jazz gigs, and propping up the bar at the Royal Oak (otherwise it would fall over) – these are all in a day’s work for the Earl of Bedlam, and still they find time to field stalls at both the Kennington Village and North Lambeth Parish fetes.

Earl of Bedlam t-shirts at Kennington Village Fete - kenningtonrunoff.com

Read more about their interesting story here.

4 thoughts on “Earl of Bedlam, king and queen of Kennington

  1. Polly Hutchison

    The Bedlams are the the real thing: the jam in the sandwich of this brilliant place called Kennington. And not only that, they make the most beautiful tailored clothes AND make you happy every time you meet them. Highly recommended. Buy a Tshirt if nothing else!!!

    1. Susie

      Where can I get one of their amazing looking Kennington T-shirts? I can’t see them on their website.

  2. Susie

    Thank you so much Runoff, for referring me to the Earl of Bedlam. They very kindly created a Kennington Road T-shirt for me today. Excellent service!

  3. Ian V

    Great article about some great people. Earl of bedlam opened a shop near us in oval a while back. And were a great asset to the area. As it says in the article, they are well connected and get involved in the local events…. Proud to have them in Kennington. Immaculate tailoring and love their tees. Go bedlam.


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