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The Top Ten Best Lunch Spots in Kennington – no. 7 – Vauxhall Street Food Garden

Positives: Ingenious use of outside space bringing several new street food options to the area. Sometimes they offer free filter coffee. They’re open weekday day times from 11.30am to 9.30pm, but tomorrow is the start of their last week for the year due to inclement weather. See our original review here – but all the stalls have changed since then. Here were the menus on our recent visit:

Zingle Food - North African cuisine

Zingle Food – North African cuisine

Naughty Roti - Indian inspired burritos

Naughty Roti – Indian inspired burritos

Argentine Steaks & Burgers

Argentine Steaks & Burgers

Chinese food

Chinese food

Burmese food

Burmese food

Negatives: There’s no escaping the fact that this is the outside area of the Lightbox nightclub and not actually a garden by any stretch of the imagination. There aren’t too many veggie options. In fact there aren’t as many stalls as when the “garden” opened last year, and those that are there haven’t taken as much trouble over their appearance.

Vauxhall Street Food Garden entrance - kenningtonrunoff.com

Hygiene rating: N/A

Address: 6A South Lambeth Place, London SW8 1SP

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Come back next Sunday to see what’s at no. 6.

Vauxhall Street Food Market

This week saw the opening of the new Vauxhall Street Food Market.

Vauxhall Street Food Market flier - info

It’s an ingenious weekday use of the outside space behind Fire and The Lightbox nightclubs, hence the entrance is under a railway bridge right by Vauxhall station. You don’t normally get bouncers at street food markets, but this one was friendly:

Vauxhall Street Food Market entrance - kenningtonrunoff.com

Molly’s Pizza have the most colourful outlet:

Molly's Pizza at Vauxhall Streed Food Market - kenningtonrunoff.com

Here’s their menu, only spoilt by the use of mushrooms. Molly’s Special is intense:

Molly's Pizza menu - kenningtonrunoff.com

This is Seven Bridges New York Street Food Deli:

Seven Bridges New York Street Food Deli menu - kenningtonrunoff.com

This is Ayam Happy, an Indonesian Street Food stall, and they really are happy. Plus they do a really delicious tofu with noodles which is welcome in a market that is quite meat-heavy (although there’s also a vegan cake and quiche stand):

Ayam Happy Indonesian Street Food at Vauxhall Street Food Market - kenningtonrunoff.com

This was the menu for Tucker’s Exotic Meat Shack when we went, although it changes regularly:

Tucker's Exotic Meat Shack menu - Vauxhall Street Food Market - kenningtonrunoff.com

And finally, The Croque Monsieur, for all your grilled French sandwich needs:

Croque Monsieur menu at Vauxhall Street Food Market - kenningtonrunoff.com

You can eat the food in the beer garden, although sadly the beer on offer is more suited to clubbers in the early hours of the morning than discerning foodie types in the daytime (Stella and Magners rather than Kernel):

Vauxhall Street Food Market tables - kenningtonrunoff.com